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100 mm Spindle Mount - CRP142-12 | Avid CNC | CNC Router Parts I was going to order their optional tram plate, but I see it’s an option with the 100mm spindle mount . I’m still determined to use a water cooled spindle , so I may as well order this now for sure. ELIMINATE DAY-TO-DAY PAIN POINTS FROM YOUR BUSINESS WITH AN AXYZ CNC ROUTER. With over 368,058 standard CNC machine configurations, we work closely to define the right CNC machine for your needs. We manufacture innovative, industrial CNC routers, delivering high productivity and remarkable cut quality all at an affordable price. By using a CNC Router over a jig router, you will also be able to produce one-offs as effectively as producing identical repeat items. Automation, precision are two of the key draws when purchasing a CNC Router machine. Using a CNC router reduces waste, frequency of errors and the time it takes to produce a product and get it to market. The cost of buying a CNC router can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the complexity of the design and features you wish to add to the machine. What to Look For in a Quality Avid CNC Router. The most important tool to have in any shop or workshop is the popular CNC Router.