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The contour map provides essential information if you are establishing hiking trails. Exercise 4: Sketch the contour plot for f (x, y) = x 2-y 2 using the contour values k =-2,-1, 0, 1, 2. What is the graph of this function? Exercise 5: Sketch and compare the contour plots for f (x, y) = y-x and g (x, y) = (y-x) 2. 3 <plot type> is a keyword describing the various plots allowed. Up to six plot panes can be put on a single page by combining multiple <plot type> options. For example: XSPEC12> plot data resid ratio model will produce a 4-pane plot. However contour plots may not be combined with other plots in this manner. Contour plots are still fully interactive; double clicking the color bar will allow changing its One can freely zoom and pan in a 2D contour plot, just as in a normal (one independent variable) 2D plot.Draws false color level plots and contour plots. This is similar to the form used in filled.contour and image. For higher-dimensional arrays and tables, further dimensions are used as conditioning variables.