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A Commercial 4G Solar relay by Telco Antennas - link using a commercial grade router and Ubiquiti devices for the WIFI link A Solar Relay by slowass - 100 watt panel, 110Ah battery, 10A charge controller, a Dovado Tiny using the 12v to 5v cig lighter attachment you can get, 320u modem and Ubiquiti loco M2's plus a 14dBi yagi. New model: antenna tilt at 45° for optimal reception with operator stations. This pack of two 4G LOG Yagi antennas MIMO is ideal for difficult receptions radios inside the home. They improve the signals received, speed, connection, when they are well oriented and will do the trick. A mobile phone antenna booster Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G PRO is a new model for perfect GSM and 4G signal. The working frequencies are 800, 900 and 2600 MHz.