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Step 1 – Enter your 12 digit barcode and click Generate barcode. Step 2 – Download and open the SVG file through any internet browser. Step 3 – Print your barcode using a label printer and tag it onto your product. Step 4 – Scan your tags with a barcode reader connected to your POS to add an item to a sale. The barcode reseller must be selling legitimate, authentic and unique barcode numbers and have their own website. The price match guarantee does not apply to auction type websites, such as eBay or Amazon, or to any company that is not selling barcode numbers that were not originally issued by the UCC/GS1. Modify the height of a bar code without changing the width. 3) Change the bar code width. Scale the bar code width up or down by increasing or decreasing the point size. 4) Bar code options. Basic bar code 128 options. Switch between human readable and standard bar codes. Human readable bar codes print the data in the bar code below the bar ... GS1 Canada performs regularly scheduled maintenance during the below noted dates/times, during which our tools and services may be unavailable: Each Friday, starting at 9:00 p.m. EST, until Saturday morning ending at 9:00 a.m. EST.