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Here's a run-down of on-device gaming, cloud gaming, and how Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G platforms tap both to support riveting multiplayer gaming experiences on mobile. On-device gaming On-device gaming allows you to download mobile games directly onto your smartphone and enjoy features that were once reserved for console and PC games. Qualcomm announced a trio - sort of! - of new chips at its AI Day event in San Francisco this morning, and one of them is being aimed directly at the The Snapdragon 730G, as it's called (the 'G' is for Gaming), will offer some nebulous 'Elite Gaming Features' and an overclocked version of the Adreno...Grosse comme une pièce de 1 cent d'euro, le Snapdragon 855 est le premier SoC (System on Chip, puce tout-en-un), de Qualcomm, qui soit gravé en 7 nm, le nec plus ultra de la gravure de ...