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So splitting the terms up we get: x^(3/2) times y^(4/2) Simplifying the fraction 4/2 for the y gives us: x^(3/2) times y^2 then we can put the radical back over the two, Pulling the 2 out of the denominator and putting it back as a radical gives us: /(x^2) times y^2 So the answer is C because you can swap the terms around to get y^2 /(X^3)Like simplifying algebra expressions, we can only add and subtract like radicals. We need to use our simplifying skills in many of these questions. Lesson 3: Multiplying Radicals Like multiplying algebraic expressions, coefficients (numbers in front) multiply other coefficients and the radical components multiply together too. Get the similarity simplifying radicals 7 1 answers form Description of similarity simplifying radicals 7 1 answers DO NOW Geometry Regents Lomac 20142015 Date(DN) ON BACK OF PACKET (1) calculator. due.Similarity Simplifying Radicals7.1Name ___Per___ LO: I can simplify radical expressions including adding, subtracting, Simplify. Be sure to write your answer in simplest form. 4. ... Simplify each radical expression as much as possible. ... ALEKS Section 7.1 Radicals #3 - 01/13/2014 7 ...