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から遠ざかって早くも…どのくらい経つんだっけ?最近仕事場でしか触ってないんじゃないか?サイトも構築したいのに。 Summoners War artifacts have recently made their appearance in the game following the major update The Shift. Artifacts are fairly simple to obtain in Summoners War, since they are farmable in the two new Accuracy (Competency 1) +3% to 6 . Accuracy (skill 2) +3 % to 6 %. Accuracy (skill 3) +3...5hours ago Total War: Rise of Mordor Full Version 2 comments. In this update you will get an in-game battle music, 2 new battle maps, 7 new units, 1 new faction, new UI, UI tweaks, minor fixes and misc. IMPORTANT...