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How are Siberian Huskies priced near the Pennsylvania area? Median Price: $1,247.50 Average Price: $800.00 Top Quality: $1,400.00 to $2,900.00 Compare the cost of Pennsylvania Siberian Husky puppies to All Nationwide: United States Median Price: $949.50Pomsky Puppies For Sale Near Me:Cute, silly, and fitted to apartment life, the Pomsky may be a dog who likes to be the middle of attention, and with their adorable looks and playful antics, they often get the adoration they crave. Top Siberian Husky Breeders Pups come in a variety of colors, including Gray/white, Black/white, Red/white, Copper/white, Rare colors like Agouti, Pie-balds, Solid White, Wolf Grey, Sable/white and Silver/white. Eye color cannot be determined until four weeks of age, and although many of our puppies have blue eyes, some may be brown eyed, parti-eye or bi-eye.