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The "Whoops!" codes aren't meant to be redeemed by anyone other than the individual they are generated for. Their sole purpose is compensation for either a glitch that the devs missed and caused significant gameplay damage or for them to award the player in an event held on social media, i.e. the "How many dragons can you find in this image?"May 06, 2020 · Big Fish Games has launched EverMerge, a free-to-play mobile game with fairy tale characters and gameplay that combines popular merge and match mechanics. Feb 21, 2014 · Git does a pretty amazing job when it merges one branch into another. Most of the time, it merges without conflict. In a fairy tale world with rainbow skittles and peanut butter butterflies, every merge would be without conflict. But we live in the real world where it rains a lot and where merge conflicts are an inevitable fact of life.